Sintering technology

Battery-powered vehicles and smart infrastructures
Sintering technology
enable green mobility of today and tomorrow
Sintering technology
Green power delivers the energy for the sustainable mobility revolution
Sintering technology
High-performance semiconductors are the key technology for this.

20 years of experience

For bonding semiconductors, such as IGBTs or SiC MOSFETs with Ag or Au on DBC or AMB substrates or for connecting power modules on heat sinks, metallic silver or copper sintering offers a high-performance solution with maximum reliability. If you are considering sintering as a bonding process, we offer you comprehensive solutions, from consulting, feasibility studies and process implementation to extensive after-sales support.

Efficient Sintering Solutions

Discover Tresky’s innovative sintering technologies. Whether through precision dispensers or the DIE transfer film process, our solutions offer reliable, reproducible methods for applying silver or copper sintering pastes, tailored to various production scales and cycle times.

Pre-Sintering Processes

Dive into the intricate world of pre-sintering with our detailed videos. Covering everything from copper to thixotropic silver sinter paste applications, and the DIE transfer film process, these videos guide you through the versatile capabilities of Tresky’s Sinter DIE Bonder for metallic bonding media applications.

Customized Solutions

Tresky leads in tailored pre-sintering technologies. Our Sinter DIE Bonders, adaptable with a range of modules for paste application, kinematics, and transport, ensure a reliable and reproducible process, specifically configured to meet each customer’s unique process and product requirements.


Keep yourself up to date

As one of the most innovative companies in the field of packaging technology, we constantly develop new machines and modules to provide our customers with new, innovative solutions for their processes in DIE bonding, sintering or photonic bonding. In our news section, at international trade shows and conferences as well as in our social media channels we continuously inform which new developments are available to our customers.