For bonding semiconductors such as IGBTs, SiC MOSFETs or GaN HEMTs with Ag on DBC or AMB substrates or for connecting power modules on heat sinks, metallic sintering offers a high-performance assembly and connection technology with maximum reliability. Tresky’s sinter bonders enable the use of copper sinter paste, thixotropic silver paste, and DIE Transfer Film (DTF).

SQ-Nozzle for sequentially and very precisely paste application

In order to optimize the entire process of sintering with regard to costs and cycle times, we have developed our own process technologies based on the dispensing process. By using a dispenser SQ-Nozzle, we can apply large-area layers of silver or copper sinter paste sequentially and very precisely. The sinter paste can thus be dispensed onto the substrate in a defined layer height and width in a single process step. For process control, the layer thickness of the applied paste deposit can be measured directly by laser.