DIE Transfer Film (DTF)

We have implemented an additional sintering process with the DIE transfer film process (DTF). The process enables the precise placement and connection of components on a substrate, optimized in terms of cycle time and process.

Revolutionizing Electronic Assembly: for Enhanced Component Placement and Connectivity

In the DTF process, we used for example an ARGOMAX 8020 film from Alpha. During the process, a thin film called a transfer film is first picked up with the DIE. The film used by Tresky has high thermal and electrical conductivity and is therefore ideal for the sintering process.

In the process the picked-up component is pressed into the film with a defined force and temperature. When the component is subsequently lifted, a uniformly thick, defined area is released from the film due to the good adhesion and remains adhered to the underside of the component. The component coated in this way is then placed on the copper substrate and fed into the sintering process. After sintering, a high-purity bond is formed between the component and the surface, which exhibits excellent thermal and electrical conductivity.

The DTF process avoids the application of pastes, drying and the possible application of tacking agent. We combine the application of the material for build-up and bonding with the assembly of the component. The integration and use of a screen printer, or any other process for paste application, is thus eliminated, resulting in lower investment and process costs for the entire manufacturing process. The DTF insert is therefore a tailor-made solution for the fast and simple application of sintered material.